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Tobacco Treatment Specialist (October 6, 2021) is a Course

Tobacco Treatment Specialist (October 6, 2021)

Started Sep 8, 2021

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Full course description

The purpose of this course is to equip you with the training and skills needed to treat tobacco dependence, the leading cause of preventable death and disease. This course is delivered as a self-paced educational program that follows established uniform standards of tobacco treatment specialist (TTS) training and professionalism. According to accreditation standards, we are required to provide a minimum of 24 hours of training content. This will be in the form of didactic content, videos, and a few brief assignments. We have grouped the content into five modules with times to complete most of the activities posted. It is expected that you complete the course, including the final evaluation, within six to ten weeks. We estimate the entire training, including assignments and evaluation, will take 27 hours total. After finishing the course, participants earn a training certificate, which is the first step in obtaining a National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice.